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Website Design

Why do you need a website, and why give it to us to develop the website for you?

We will speak here about Website Development and Hosting Education on this page.

1.   In today’s world, you need a website in order to do business. In modern days we live in, businesses grow more effective by the day due to a live website. Therefore if you do not have a website you are not doing business as the modern businesses do. So we encourage all business owners whether startups, small or medium businesses to have websites, and we can help you achieve the goals you need.

2.  Having a website is however a much more effective way to do business. One of the reasons you should indeed have an online presence is potential clients can see your work. This is an excellent way to show your prospects that you know what you are doing in your industry. Furthermore, it also seems to them you are here to help them reach their goals.

3.  Giving your website idea to us enables us to help you achieve your personal business goals with your website. We know what we are doing. If you do it yourself you might forget some things that are of most importance to your business. Similarly, it’s like trying to service your own vehicle but you have no clue how to do it. The learning curve might cost you dearly when you do it yourself. Eventually, you will end up consulting a web Developer for help. Why not do it with us from the start and you know it is correct right from the beginning.


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Website Hosting

What is Website Hosting and why is it important?

Website Development and Hosting Education is one of the things we offer to our clients. Education is key to keep the mind at ease.

1.  Website hosting is the gateway to any website. You need to host your website on the web in order for people to find your website and connect with you.

2.  Website Hosting is done on a server that has a lot of files and disk space that enables you to put content on the internet with a live connection.

3. So if you have a website developed by someone. You have to host it on a server otherwise your website will never be seen. No one will even know it exists.

There are a few aspects that we look at when we speak about hosting

First of all is                         [Disk Space]

Disk space allows you to have content on your website. With a certain amount of Gigabytes that is allocated to you on a server. If you have 50 GB  Disk Space allocated to your hosting Account your content cannot exceed that Allocated amount.

Second, we have                  [Email Accounts]

Now with Email accounts. We allocate a certain number of custom emails addresses to you. You can choose the names of the email addresses as you like. If you have a hosting account with 3 email addresses you can choose 3 custom email addresses. Such as “”, “” and “”

All of this is important to your business as email addresses with a custom domain name with a custom email address is most Professional.



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Domain Names

What is a Domain Name and What do I do with it?

1.   A domain name is normal your business name. This name is registered as a (PTY, LTD) or similar company registration. Your customers will find your website easily on the internet with your business name.

2.  If you are an Individual that needs a website then you can have your own name as your domain name.

3.   a Domain name is easily searchable with Google. It is also most of the time the first link you share to your prospect to view your website.

4. Examples of a website domain are as follow:





You get different types of domain names. We personally prefer the (.com) extension of the domain name, because (.com) is globally know as an international Domain extension. You get other domain name extensions as well such as: (.net) (.in) (.org) (.online) (.tech) (.store) (.site) (.website) (.space)


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SSL Security

What is SSL Security and what is it used for?

SSL Security is an encrypted network connection to your website so that no one can steal your content or hack your website.

How do I know if my website has SSL Security on or not?

First of all, if you see (HTTP://) this is an indication that there is no Security on your website what so ever.

When you see (HTTPS://) your website is secured.

The (s) after (HTTP) stands for (Secured).


HTTP is a common term in the IT industry it stands for

(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)

HTTPS stands for

(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secured)

So this is Why we offer FREE SSL SECURITY to all our clients websites.