Welcome to Service Horizon

Service Horizon is a most affordable website development and hosting company in South Africa. We always strive to enhance the way we in which we develop websites to deliver perfect websites for you, every time.

Do you need an E-Commerce or Online Shop?

We have you covered. We specialize in online stores and shopping online for almost every industry.

Let your Traditional Business take flight and sell your products or services online. This is by far the best approach in today’s modernized world!

Our Timeline


Service Horizon Started for you!

We developed a secure and effective system for your benefit.

Upgrades and Costs Reduced

We bought our own servers. 

We accomplished fast and effective website development.

Our product's costs were reduced.

99.9% Servers up-time Maintained

We managed to keep our servers running at 99.9% uptime.

Our research on development and new products for our clients was successful.

Yet our research is ongoing.

Another Upgrade

Upgrades to our servers were done, now we have the ability to give our clients x3 website speed. 

Another Product cost reduction

We continue an excellent relationship with our clients.

Our product's costs were reduced for the third time , without compromising our quality of work.

Yet another year of Excellence

Our hosting will stay the most reliable within South Africa.

While we obtain more research on how to enhance our development quality and speed, we will keep our clients satisfied. 

We became Experts in Online Shop / E-Commerce Development

We've conducted research on E-Commerce development and as a result, we became experts in this field.

We can turn your local business into an Online shop or e-commerce in no time.

We celebrate our 3rd year in Business

It's been a privilege to help our clients achieve success and see how all of them grew over the years.

We continue to build our business with pride and joy.

Thank you for a good past 3 years we had.

Website Development Life Cycle

  1. Planning – We chat.
  2. Design – We create.
  3. Development – We build.
  4. Testing – We test.
  5. Release 1 – We show you.
  6. Refinements – We polish.
  7. Launch – You go live.
  8. Post-Launch – We sign-off.

Benefits with us

Our unique offer of Free SSL security to all our clients. Cybersecurity is a necessity in today’s world. The major purpose of an SSL certificate is to encrypt information so that it can only be read and understood by the intended parties. Information submitted on Internet forms often passes through more than one computer before reaching its final destination. The more “stops” it has to make, the higher the chance that a third party could obtain access. An SSL certificate inserts random characters into the original information. Therefore rendering it incomprehensible to anyone without the proper encryption key. If the information does somehow wind up in the wrong hands, it will be unreadable and therefore useless.

This is especially important when you offer online purchases to your customers.

99.9% server uptime guaranteed to all our customers. The frustration of operating an online business that is unreachable does not exist. Whether you are an individual or the owner of a business, we have a solution to meet your needs.


Do not hesitate to contact us today.

With our aim to help your business grow you can never go wrong. To see your business thrive through what we do for you is what drives us.