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Service Horizon is an online academy that teaches website design, digital marketing, hosting, advertising and web Security for beginners.

Learn all about topics such as Website Design, Digital Marketing, Hosting, Advertising, Web Security, etc, through Service Horizon’s library sections and don’t be taken for a fool next time you order your online services from any web services company or even do it yourself if you have the time to do so.

Welcome To Service Horizon

With Service Horizon you’ll learn everything about website design, hosting and what the difference is between advertising and marketing. No they are not the same thing. So we will teach you how to register a domain name Where to go and how to get started with everything from A-Z.

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Service Horizon's Vision and Mission

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Service Horizon aim is to provide education for everyone who wants to design and host a website and market it themselves, or make a well informed decision when approaching a company to do the work for them, so that no-one can be taken for a fool ever again.


By trying to put out a thorough guide towards building and hosting your very own website and do digital marketing yourself Service Horizon can help you to find comparisons of companies that you want to use for online services to get the job done if you don't have the time to do so.

Follow The Service Horizon Journey to Online Success

Service Horizon will guide you to become successful online. With a beautiful and powerful website and have a ton of visitors can be overwhelming to some, but it is a journey worth embarking to reach your goals one by one.

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Domain Name

Service Horizon will help you to get your first domain name to register so that your visitors know what address they can use to view your content.

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Finding the right hosting company or plan to host your domain name, email addresses, and your website can be a daunting process, therefore Service Horizon will assist you.

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Website Design

Designing a modern, sleek and powerful website can seem to be a difficult task to do. Yes, it can becoming technical and somewhat frustrating at times, but don't be discouraged as Service Horizon will give you some tips and tricks to help you get through it.

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Now, with all the work is done, you will have to start marketing your website. This step is very important to be successful online, luckily for you we have a few guides and a Digital Marketing Agency ready to step-in an take over if you feel overwhelming.

Our recommended Digital Marketing Agency

If you need any assistance with your website designing and Marketing needs, you can hire our recommended Digital Marketing Agency.

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Our Trusted Partner

Hostinger & Growth Net is our trusted partners in web hosting and digital marketing. 


Service Horizon's Library

Here you will find all the categories and sections of every topic you need to know to get started and take your website online and make a success.

Library Archive

Counting the topics and categories for your convenience.

Website Design
Web Hosting
Digital Marketing

Service Horizon Toptics

Go through our topics and embark on the journey to have a successful online presence.

Website Hosting

How to create a hosting account

Web Design Marketing Web Hosting Advertising Web Security When Creating a business website, it’s important to choose the correct web hosting service to have peace

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Domain Name
Domain Names

How to register a domain name

Web Design Marketing Web Hosting Advertising Web Security A domain name is the first link people will see when visiting your front page or home

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