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How to register a domain name

Domain Name

A domain name is the first link people will see when visiting your front page or home page of your website. We will go through how to purchase and register your very own domain.

Check your Domain Name Availability

Here you can check your domain name availability.
Enter your domain name here and check if you can register it.

What To Remember When You Purchase Domains

Keep It Short

While there is no minimum length for domain registration, we recommend buying a domain name that’s under three words long. Longer website names are harder to read and won’t stand out.

Less Is More

Avoid hyphens, numbers, slang, and easily misspelled words in your domains. Complex elements make website names much harder to reach and remember.

Include Your Brand Name

A great address for your website should include your brand or the target keywords for your niche. A search result with a keyword in your site URL will offer better brand recognition and increase your website’s traffic.

Domain Availability Search

Start by doing a domain search to check if a domain name is available. Remember to also check it has not been trademarked.

Think Locally

While it’s ideal to purchase a website name with .com, due to their popularity, a .com TLD can often be unavailable. Consider registering a country-specific extension like, .us, or .pk if you target a particular country.

Act Fast

The best website names are quickly taken. Don’t miss out on the perfect one – do a domain name search and buy domain names to start your online projects today.

Search for your domain name availability.

1. Search for the domain Availability

We will be searching for (Petsgalor) domain name

You can search any domain name that you want to check the availability of. 

Search Domain Name

2. Availability Check

Domain is available!

( domain name is available for purchase, so we can go ahead and add this domain to the Cart by clicking on the (ADD TO CART) button on the right.

This will allow you to go to the next step which is the checkout step.

(AI Generated Alternatives) AI also generated a result which will also help you in some instances to get an even better domain name or be more creative at times.

Domain Name Availability Check

3. Other TLD's Availability Check

Other available TLD's are also shown!

None registered TLD’s (Top-Level Domains) are also shown if they are available for registration.

Other TLD's Available for Registration

4. Most Popular Domains

Choose from the most popular domain names

If you know what domain you want before hand, you can go ahead to the bottom of the page and checkout the most popular TLD’s to register. (.AI & .IO are currently the most trending top level domains in the world)

Most popular TLD's to register

Purchase your domain

5. Checkout and pay for your domain name.

Choose a period for your domain registration.

Whenever you register a domain name you have to choose a period for you to hold the domain and to renew the domain after that set period. This is very important to understand as the longer you set the period at registration the more peace of mind you’ll have that it will stay yours and it will not go into grace period or redemption or be deregistered.

(We recommend a 3 year purchase as this will give you the most peace of mind)

Choose a period and make payment

6. Login to your existing account or Register a new account

You have 3 choices when logging in or registering a new account

Use your primary email address, Facebook or Google to register an account or login to your existing one.

Create an account or register a new one

7. Debit or Credit card payment

Choose your payment method

You can choose your payment method to obtain your domain name.

Use Debit or Credit card to pay and secure your domain


It is super easy to obtain your perfect domain name and it is very easy to make maintain the domain name afterwards, we recommend Hostinger as your domain name registrar. You will have more flexibility and more control over your domain and your website, which is the next topic we need to cover. 

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